You Can’t Shallow the Club Without These 2 Moves...

Discover if What You Feel is Real...

Advice is abundant about the need to shallow the club early in your downswing. But how do you translate that advice into action if you’re unsure of the sensation? The CheckPoint Swing Laser demystifies it all, offering immediate feedback to validate or correct your techniques as you aim for that ideal shallow position.


Check Point Swing Laser

Check Point Swing Laser
  • Gives you instant feedback! This device tells you if you're swinging too steep or too shallow
  • Put an end to your "over the top" swing path (the #1 cause of your slice!!)
  • Quickly and easily attaches to any club in your bag
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

Why You're Going to Love the Check Point Swing Laser...

So, why is it so important to get the club shallowed out to begin your downswing?

Well, you can simplify everything and say that all that matters is what happens at impact... but in reality, what you're doing with the rest of your swing may be making that "great impact position" very difficult to accomplish.

The CheckPoint Swing Laser is great for helping you "feel" the proper way to use your backswing to create positive momentum for shallowing the club in the downswing (most are doing the opposite). And it gives you the immediate feedback to let you know if you're shallowing the club to begin your downswing.

You can be told over and over what you're "supposed" to do in the downswing, but being able to see and feel that you're doing it correctly is priceless!

No more guesswork! Start ingraining the feel for how to shallow the club!

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Not only does it help remove the guesswork, but it's perfect for practicing at home!

Did winter come a little early this year?

Not to worry, because the Check Point Swing Laser is an incredible tool for improving your swing from your living room or garage.

Like most indoor training aids, you'll need enough room to make a full swing (8' ceiling are usually sufficient with a short iron).

It's easy enough for any golfer to use!

If you're an engineer or just like to tinker with electronics, you could make one of these yourself... maybe.

But if you're not interested in homemade solutions, this product can quickly be installed on any club without any machines or tools!

The only real maintenance for this product would be that you'll eventually have to replace the batteries, but any regular old triple-A battery will do. No hard to find batteries here!

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Check Point Swing Laser is a great tool!

"I took 10 slow swings, and I instantly realized how poor my old swing was. The lasers showed me the proper line in the takeaway and the downswing. The Check Point Swing Laser also helped me with the proper hip turn, shoulder turn, handset, and weight shifts to improve my swing. This device provides instant feedback in order to swing correctly. Well worth the price!"

Steven B.

Check Point Swing Laser is super helpful

"If you struggle with taking the club inside too quickly, coming over the top or any other swing path issues, the swing laser immediately shows you the proper hand path for keeping the club on plane and square. Seeing the laser light track along the path provides instantaneous feedback. My wife has been getting too steep with her irons and she is also using the swing laser to get her swing ready for the spring golf season. I wish I had purchased this device a long time ago! Great product and great customer service - I highly recommend both!"

Kirven B.

Finally this product allowed me to find and feel the proper swing path

"The product has finally allowed me to find and feel the proper swing path. Other products try to do this by restricting or attempting to force your body. The EyeLine laser allows complete freedom of movement and with a real golf club to make full slow-motion swings with the laser point showing you instantly and through out the full swing where and whenever you get off plane. This allows me to find what part of my body needs to modify its movement to bring the club back to a perfect plane. I am completely impressed."

Bob M.

We've Got A's for Your Q's

What if it doesn't work for me?

Rest assured, you can try it for 60 days risk-free. If you don’t absolutely love it, send it back and we'll issue a full refund, no questions asked. Pretty fair right?

Why can't I just tape a couple cheap cat lasers to my club instead?

We created the Checkpoint with some thought that might be worth considering. If we taped lasers on the shaft, the "up" laser would hit your knuckles and would not be visible - except on your hands. the "down" laser would not be adjustable with each club.

The polycarbonate clip is ultra strong to hold the lasers and club shaft - no sliding around. The lasers are commercial grade strength so they can be seen outdoors, and they are tested for accurate projection. Sometimes lasers do not project "straight", so they don't give accurate feedback.

We design every product for one reason - to help people improve, not just have another training aid. It usually takes some sophisticated engineering to make things looks simple - that's why we have satisfaction guarantees.

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Can I make full-speed swings with The Check Point Laser?

The point of the Check Point is to guide and teach positions in the swing. If the swing is too fast, then you can't see the lasers, so nothing is really gained. Swing very slow and you will instantly see the path and plane. Stopping at certain points will burn in those position, too. It has amazing results.

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Does it work with junior clubs?

Currently, the Check Point Laser does not work with junior golf clubs. The Check Point Laser bracket is too large to fit snuggly on the shaft of junior clubs.

Can the Check Point help me with clubface to eliminate my slice?

The CheckPoint eliminates half of the reason for a slice - the path of the club. It reveals the other half of the problem - the clubface at impact.

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How does the Check Point Laser help with path and plane?

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How do I transfer my Check Point training motions to hitting balls?

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